What I Learned From Spartan Race #SpartanUp

On Saturday August 9th, I was one of thousands of participants in the Boston Spartan Sprint on the hills and trails of Amesbury Sports Park. Part of being human, is learning from our experiences – the good, bad and ugly – and this race was no exception. Here’s what I learned:

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone: For some reason, asking for help is seen as a weakness.  Not only is this not the case at Spartan, but they actually design it so you HAVE to help one another. Obstacles are designed for teams to have to help one another. I’d never have made it over the Inverse Wall if it wasn’t for a boost from my boyfriend. But it doesn’t diminish my accomplishment of getting over the wall because I needed an extra hand. Same goes for your life or career. Just because you needed a mentor to help develop you into a stronger employee or you needed a loan to afford graduate school, doesn’t take anything away from those accomplishments. We all need support and guidance. Just make sure you return the favors where you can.

Train for What You Want: If you want to be a lawyer, you take the LSATS, go to school, work as an intern, and study for the bar. You don’t just show up in court and become a lawyer. Ok, I guess you COULD, but you wouldn’t only be so successful without the right knowledge and tools. It was important to me that I do well during the race so I prepared and I trained. And the payoff was worth it. Same goes for life and career – prepare for what you want; take smaller steps to get there over time. Here’s my last article about how I mentally and physically prepared for the race: http://www.catchcareers.com/2014/07/preparing-for-the-unknown/

Celebrate It: We are so gosh darn hard on ourselves. I easily could have finished that race and focused only on the fact that I struggled on the Traverse wall (though I did complete it) or that I didn’t stand a chance at completing the rope climb (tips on being able to lift my own body weight anyone?).  But I didn’t. I focused on that fact that I did SO well. I didn’t just cross the finish line, I really accomplished the race. I’m still riding high on my post-race sense of accomplishment and confidence. And that’s good. Take the time to step back and think about what you’ve accomplished and be proud. Walking around the festival area outside the course, there were family and friends hugging and taking photos of their newest accomplishment. Don’t forget to celebrate.

Momentum to Move Forward: I’ve already signed up for another Spartan Race in November. I like continuing to push myself and grow. I accomplished the 5 miler goal for this race (after only ever completing 3 mile races) and now I’ve set a new one – accomplish a Spartan Stadium race.  Who knows? Maybe next summer I will set my sites on Spartan Super, a nice little 8 mile jaunt. Whatever your goals are, life or career, they will keep building on themselves.  Being able to set incremental goals is helpful too.  If you want to go to grad school, rather than set your sight on graduation day and a pay raise, think about milestones. Researching programs, then applying, then going class by class, etc…

Have you run any of these races, what did you learn?

Take Away: Whatever your goals in life – don’t forget to “Spartan Up” and go for what you want. Even if there is some training required, a support system to establish, and more than your fair share of scrapes & bruises (I’ve got a doozy on my thigh from the 8ft wall) to cross the finish line – it is worth it, so celebrate it. AROO!!

If my #SpartanStory has sparked an interest for you, here are a few ways you can get off the couch and get #SpartanTough:

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The next HUGE event for the team at Spartan Race is the World Championship Race in Vermont on September 20th. Can you even imagine how epic that would be to watch live?

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Some of my race day photos….Spartan’d Up

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