Article Recommendations For Young Professionals – Series #10

A reoccurring post on this career blog is recommended articles for young professionals. These are articles I’ve read myself and feel have helpful information young professionals can relate to or apply in the workplace. Here’s my latest suggestions:

  •  Even though this article is talking about job searches, what I took from it was the need for the young professionals of the world to be humble as we enter the working world and navigate our careers. By all means, be confident in yourself, but remember you need to work for what you want – it will not be handed to you by just showing up.

  •  No job just yet and still looking? Going into your senior year and preparing for the job interview process? Here are a few tips to get you started.!bOSPrW

  • As you job search – don’t forget the importance of email etiquette! HIGH importance!!bOSR0V

  •  Scored that job after all that job searching! Congrats! Here are some tips to start out strong in your new role.!bOSI6B

 Take Away: prepare for job interviews and prepare to start strong once you get that new job!