Musings of a Young Professional

Every so often, for this blog, I have a list of ideas – thoughts I want to share, but they don’t fall into one nice organized category with a cherry on top. When that happens, I just reminisce about some of the things I’ve learned recently in the life of a young professional. Can you relate to any? Are there any you’ve ever wondered to yourself?

Finding the good among the bad: I find difficult situations easier to handle if I can find the good in the situation or a lesson learned.

Play through the “pain”: Ok, not literally, I’m actually a supporter of take it easy when you are sick or injured to keep from getting worse. But in a work context, I mean not giving up when the going gets tough.

Fuel the fire: At some point in your career, you’ll likely get feedback that rubs you the wrong way. I’ve been told that I don’t DO enough, I’m not enough action orientated enough and that I don’t have the skills needed. Well, nothing makes you get action orientated and get skills faster than someone thinking you can’t.

Recognition, and lack thereof: You won’t get recognized for every little thing (and even some big things) – be proud of yourself anyway. Can’t always look to the outside world for applause, need to find it internally. You do all the right things – and the kiss-ups and loud ones get the recognition. But deep down in your heart, you need to know that you did what you could, you did well, and that you should be proud.

Take Away: Stay strong my friends.